NORMODE Glassware Holmegaard Fontaine Champagne flute

The Fontaine range comprises a number of mouth-blown glasses designed by Michael Bang, and the champagne glass is a festive part of any dinner table. Each glass has been designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of the grape. The delicate bubbles should be poured gently along the inside of the glass to retain as much of the original taste and as many bubbles as possible. 

  • This mouth-blown range is complete with additional glasses for various types of wine, champagne, water, long drinks, and cocktails.
  • Makes a great and stylish gift 
  • From the Holmegaard Fontaine series

Materials: Mouth-blown glass

Size: 10.3" (H), 7.1" (Oz) 

Care Instructions: Not dishwasher safe