We built AHAlife on the foundation of celebrating, sharing, supporting and representing global designers, makers, and brands in the worlds of home, fashion and wellness. 

We are a small company, but we have a strong voice and a passionate community, which comes with a responsibility we honor to support and share all voices in design and creativity. 

Diversity & Equity

We are committed to creating a diverse and equitable company through a hiring and employment policy that regularly examines our team, sets appropriate goals and measures, and fosters all levels of diversity. This includes diversity training, internal educational programs, support for professional development opportunities, and making sure employees have access to resource groups, such as those dedicated to leadership and career enhancement.

Shop mission

On top of our ongoing charitable contributions, as a company, we commit to the 15% Pledge. We will strive to give at least 15% of our virtual shelf space to Black-owned brands. We will also work on ensuring that we create a powerful platform for BIPOC-led or -owned businesses, alongside other underrepresented groups.

Anti-Racist Statement

We are an anti-racist company. Racial justice and reform require a long-term commitment. We will continue to check and re-commit ourselves to anti-racist actions. Dismantling and rebuilding a system takes time and effort, and we will do our part. Our intention is to be inclusive and insist that anyone we partner with and represent has the same values. We would like to be a resource for anyone that is looking for help, and we hope that others in the home, fashion, and wellness communities will join us in supporting our efforts to combat racism. 

Please contact us with your thoughts or ideas — or to submit potential designers and brands. This is an ever-evolving mission that we are passionate about, and we will continue to update our community on new initiatives and revisions to our mission.