NORMODE Glassware Holmegaard Fontaine Red Wine Glass

The Fontaine range consists of a number of mouth-blown glasses designed by Michael Bang. The red wine glass is designed to enhance the flavors and aroma of your wine. The large surface of the glass releases the bouquet of the wine, while the tapered top gathers it again.

  • A young red wine should be oxidized in a glass with a large surface as this opens and softens the wine and makes the tasting experience more interesting. 
  • This mouth-blown range is complete with additional glasses for various types of wine, champagne, water, brandy, and cocktails.
  • Makes a great and stylish gift 
  • From the Holmegaard Fontaine series

Materials: Mouth-blown glass

Size: 9.6" (H), 9.8" (Oz) 

Care Instructions: Not dishwasher safe 

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